Monday 3/9/2020
Week 27

    Welcome Week 27! 

READING:   The question of the week is: What sounds can you hear?  How are they made?  Our sound focus will be ow, ou.  Our structural analysis will be the inflectional endings -er and -est. Our comprehension strategy will be asking and answering questions and our comprehension skill will be problem and solution.  We will focus on these skills and strategies while reading realistic fiction texts.  Please have your child utilize the books on the portal.  If they are having trouble reading the books assigned on the portal, then they need more practice. 


M- Study for Ch. 8 Test

T- Ch. 8 Test

W- Lesson 9.1 Order Length

Th- Lesson 9.2 Indirect Measurement

F-Chromebook Math- spiral review with lesson 3.6

WRITING:  We will continue narrative writing this week.  Please notice that the writing prompt rubric for trimester 3 has changed.  The changes are in the homework folder.  We continue to work on a 5 sentence paragraph with capitals and punctuation used appropriately.  When helping with writing homework, remember to encourage sound spelling and to have them check for capitals, punctuation and that it makes sense.   

 SCIENCE:  light and sound

Social Studies: 

LIBRARY: Our Library day is Thursday.  Please have your child return their book on Thursday. 

IMPORTANT:  I have 18 out of 24 kids turning in their pictures.  Please send those in on Monday.  Your child will be sad if they don't have their pictures.  Here are the details...  We will be writing a book about a vacation or a place that your child visited.  Please send in five 4x6 photos from the same vacation or place visited.  Please label the back of one of the pictures with your child's name and the place they visited. Photos are due Friday, March 6th. 

Please have your child practice reading daily.  

OTHER NEWS:  Don't forget to turn in the zoo field trip slips, if you haven't done so already.  We are in the MP room practicing four our show.   Song practice is going well and we have added props and speakers now.  We have been working on all six songs thus far and the kids are doing great. March 19th is our Cultural Concert.  Please start thinking about cultural attire that your child can wear the night of the performance.  If you are unable to come up with any cultural, white, and blue is great too.  Please no large hats or headpieces. 

PORTAL:  The portal is ready to access.   Please practice reading with your child daily.  Please use the Wonders app to access books that practice the sounds we are working on.  Practice is crucial.   Please have your child access the egusd portal from home.  In the Wonders app, I have assigned the books we read in class, and decodable books with the sound we are learning.  There are leveled readers with an orange, purple, blue, and green spine.  The orange spine contains approaching grade level text.  The purple spine is an EL text.  The blue spine is considered on grade level text.  The green spine is above grade level text. Please choose the book that your child is successful with.  There are other resources as well.  This is a good resource for your child to read books at their level or practice reading easier text with expression.  Please take advantage of this.  The directions are listed below.  

EGUSD portal directions

google...egusd portal

Username=your child's school number.  It can be found in their homework folder.  

password= the last four digits of your child's school number , the month of your child's birth _ _, the date of your child's birth _ _.  It can be found in their homework folder.

The portal is useful to check out the Wonders app and the Think Central app.


Have a great week!

Mrs. Summers